UBCC History (Established in 1921)

Westland Acres, situated along Church Road today, was founded by former slaves who, after emancipation, purchased land from their previous owners.  James Ellis and Philip Winston, freed slaves, became landowners purchasing the land which is known today as the Union Baptist Church of Chesterfield Cemetery. Union Baptist Church, the heart of the area now known as Westland Acres, got its start as the Colored African Baptist Church.  Eight families, from the West Gumbo community of Chesterfield, formed a church congregation.  Church worship was important to those families who lived on "The Hill".  It was not uncommon for this tiny congregation to hold services in each other’s homes. In 1922, the church was officially recognized as the UNION BAPTIST CHURCH.  

In 1925, under the leadership of the first pastor of Union, Reverend R. Fletcher, the first edifice was purchased and the first structure was erected. In 1942, A new edifice was erected under the leadership of Reverend Mingo. In 1948, Reverend M. L. Cole, Pastor, personally donated land to the church to enlarge the cemetery. In 1971, Reverend Clarence Lovejoy was elected Pastor. Under his leadership, a new building program was inaugurated which resulted in lower level renovation, including a full kitchen, and installation of indoor plumbing and electricity.  Rev. Lovejoy instituted various youth programs, Bible Study, the college scholarship program, annual fellowship picnic, and events with other denominations. 

In 1977, fire destroyed the beloved church that had been so joyfully renovated by the community. After many tests of faith by the members of Union, and the impressive dedication of Mr. Clifford Frazier, Sr. to rebuild the church, the first service was conducted in an unfinished room in 1984.

In 1992, Reverend Dr. Harvey R. Fields Jr. was elected Pastor. Pastor Fields, and the congregation, took on the task of reconstruction and rebirth. Programs were revitalized and initiated; new members joined; lay leadership increased and ministry focal areas were defined, including youth, education, outreach, evangelism and worship ministries. 

In June 2019, Minister Lloyd Raymond Abernathy Sr. was elected Pastor, and today we stand on the shoulders of these giants to see where God is going to take Union!