Our Leading Lady - Tina Abernathy

Leading Lady Tina earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing and worked in corporate America for 10 years.  In 2001, Pastor Abernathy and Tina started a leadership and personal development company in St. Louis. Their company's success allowed her to retire from the corporate world several years ago to become a full-time mother and business woman.

Tina enjoys reading, cooking and building her business with her husband.  She has been asked to speak on faith, family, finances and leadership to thousands of people all across the United States, Bahamas , Canada and Puerto Rico. Her dedication and service, recently earned her an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Religious Education from the United Theological Seminary. Her passion is equipping, empowering and encouraging young women and girls to walk in their God-ordained roles and to live a life of excellence.  She encourages women and girls to  “bloom where they have been planted, because if God has you there…he can grow you there!”