Our Pastor - Lloyd Raymond Abernathy

Tina and I were married in 1993, and God has blessed us with three amazing children. Tirae, who is in graduate school at Washington University in St. Louis, our only son Lloyd II, who is studying at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, and our baby girl TiNiah. We are a close and fun loving family. We enjoy game nights, good food and outdoor activities. 

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and today I am an entrepreneur and teach at Saint Louis University.  I hold an Honorary Doctorate in Biblical Studies from United Theological Seminary. I have a passion for serving God’s people and believe in fostering meaningful spiritual relationships with our Savior. I am excited to serve and preach a relevant Word that addresses the challenges of growing God’s Church in today’s world by reaching the next generation of believers. 

Our world is constantly changing, and communicating the gospel message of Jesus Christ is decidedly more challenging.  “From generation to generation doing God’s work, God’s way” is our motto, and together we are going to add to the intricate fabric of this historic Church. As we build towards our 100 year celebration, my prayer is for each of us to be willing participants in bringing Him glory. When called upon, let your answer be “YES" as God has been faithfully saying YES to the prayers of those who walked before us. As long as He tarries, we are called to trust Him and know that He always faithfully answers “YES” to His children.  Our future is bright in the Lord, and God is moving on "the hill." 

-Pastor A